Packing for Summer Road Trip

As travel slowly resumes, it looks like more and more Americans are thinking of sticking closer to home this summer. I hesitate to bring back the term stay-cation, so let’s call it a near-cation. This means if you are anxious to get back out there, hopping in the car or renting an RV, might top your list of summer travel options. If a road trip is in your near future, be sure your packing list includes some of these essential items.

9 Things to Pack for a Summer Road Trip

In addition to clothes, shoes, toiletries and lots of snacks, pack any or all of these indispensable things into your suitcase:

Cargo Tote ($49) –  An all-purpose tote bag is a must. This water-resistant nylon, cargo tote is great for the beach, grocery store, or a weekend escape. It is spill-proof and roomy enough to pack with everything you might need for a full day of adventures. Go on and stuff to the max because the lightweight fabric doesn’t add any bulk to what you are hauling around. There are plenty of pockets for keys, water bottles, sunglasses, and more ensuring nothing gets lost at the bottom of the bag.

Wrap Cover-Up ($49)  – RipSkirt cover-ups come in three different lengths and so many cute colors and patterns. They’re the perfect summer vacation skirt whether you are spending the day at the beach or the pool. Made from fabric that is super lightweight and dries quickly if soaked, they are not clingy and flattering on all body types. The quick wrap velcro closures make them easy to adjust. With an cash/card flat pocket, you can just throw it on over your bathing suit and go from your sun lounger right out to lunch. Take it on a cruise, to a resort, or wear it year-round over yoga pants.

Portable WiFi device. I love my Skyroam Solis Lite. It is perfect for a road trip, a day at the beach, or even when I am working in my backyard. It is so light and portable. I just stick in my bag or back pocket and I am connected all day. I use the pay-per-day data option so that I am only paying when I need to use it. The Solis connects up to 10 devices. This makes everyone I am traveling with happy because they can get online too.

Water Bottle – I know you are thinking — who needs one more water bottle?! But I promise you this 18 oz Yeti bottle will be the last one you buy. It is double-wall, vacuum insulated to keep your water, or beverage of choice, cold until the very last sip. Plus it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Hands-Free Door Opener – Who wants to touch anything these days? The less contact you have with surfaces the better. To keep it to a minimum, I’d carry this no-touch door opener tool with you for contactless entry into any building. Keep those hands clean at rest stops, hotels, stores, and anywhere else you might need to pull open a door. They are also good for elevator buttons and ATM machines.

Hand Sanitizer – While you are at it, clip a reusable hand sanitizer bottle to your keychain. You can never be sure where you will be able to wash your hands when you are on the road. This ensures the ability to disinfect your hands with antibacterial gel whenever you feel the need to.

Extra Sunglasses – You probably have your favorite pair. The kind you splurged on because they make you look good and you wear them all the time. However, I always travel with an extra, cheaper pair of sunglasses just in case I lose them which has been known to happen once or twice.

Chargers – Sure I have a drawer full of portable chargers, but my go-to is this high speed, compact charger. It comes with built-in lightning and micro USB cables. Although it only weighs 5 oz, sometimes it is more than I want to carry around. Therefore, I also pack an ultra-slim power bank as well. It slides right into your wallet or back pocket.

Extra Long Power Cord – Let’s face it, power outlets are not always strategically placed for charging your phone. Short cords don’t cut it for back seat passengers. My packing list always a high-quality, nylon braided 10 ft long cord. It is extremely flexible and more durable than the plastic coated ones.

What’s on your summer road trip packing list? I’d love to know what else I need.

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