7 Reasons to Ski and Ride in Vermont this Year

My Facebook feed is filled with gorgeous photos from Vermont Ski Resorts showing snow covered peaks, snow guns a blazing or skiers catching first tracks already.  Vermonters are chattering on twitter about first chair, top to bottom skiing and how many inches are currently at top of their favorite mountain.  I’d say we are pretty stoked about the coming season. With opening day right around the corner for many mountains, and a few already open, I can’t help but get excited myself! Here are just a few reasons you should plan a trip to ski or ride in Vermont this year if you haven’t already.

Your kids will learn to love it. Early.


There is no better time, then family time on the mountain.

Quiet chairlift rides are meant for talking. Or not.

You can always find a trail for yourself.

Sometimes you have to make your own trail. Like in your backyard.

We have some of the best Apres Ski ever.

Catch a race. Go down the Nastar course yourself. I’ve done it.

Follow along with me this year as I ski with the AllMtMamas. Hope to see you on our slopes!

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  1. I can’t wait for the ski season to start here too! We loved skiing in Vermont when we still lived in New York.

  2. We have never downhill skied as a family but whenever I see photos like these, I really want to try!

  3. I bet that is a beautiful area in the winter. Thanks for linking up.

  4. That looks fantastic, this year will be the first one for our twins to try skiing in the Alps, I am quite excited (and a bit scared too)…

    • Wow! The Alps. I can’t imagine compared to our Mountains. Putting your kids on skis for the first time can be a little nerve racking, but only for you. Kids love it. They are much closer to the ground, less distance to fall and totally have less fear! Here in Vermont, most kids go into some sort of ski/ride program starting at age 4-5. It makes for a great “date day” on the weekend for parents. They are in program from 9:00-3:00 leaving us to ski with our friends all day!

  5. Ah, we are waiting for the local hill to open here in Norway, it’s snowing as I type plus the snowguns are firing away, so I think that day is here sooner than I think! I’ve never been skiing in Vermont, but I bet the beers in the after ski are cheaper than here in Norway…. 😉 Lovely post!

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