The Gift of Travel

I recently sat down with Nathaniel Boyle of the Daily Travel Podcast to talk about how my Grandmother and my family gave me the gift of travel at a very young age. When I was 11 my Grandmother invited me along on a business trip to Greece. Lucky kid, I know, and after that I was hooked. Travel became an integral part of my life. It inspired me to get out there and see the world. I was fortunate enough to continue to travel with my Grandma throughout my life, even well into her 90s. Amazingly we just set sail from Venice this summer on her 96th birthday!

We discussed my biggest travel regret. No deliberation there – not studying abroad! Seriously I was an International Relations major, how did I mess that up? You can bet I will encourage my children not to make the same mistake. I mean after all the places they’ve been to at this point how could they not want to go?

Be sure to check out Nathaniel’s travel resource list. In my interview he asked me for a few of my faves – best piece of travel gear (can you guess?), my secret money saving travel tips (doesn’t everyone want to know?), my favorite internet travel tool (it was hard to pick one), my worst travel mishap (involves a cruise ship and insurance) and more.

Nathaniel asked me how and why I got into travel blogging. It all started here in Vermont. Then I had a chance to talk about what makes Vermont so special and why it’s people so awesome. So give it a listen if you are so inclined.

Travel Podcast with Nathaniel


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